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A step-by-step guide for installing AMX Mod X

This version is applicable with-
-Counter Strike: Condition Zero (without cstrike addon)
-Counter Strike: 1.6 (with cstrike addon)

After installation users will be able to use AMX in offline servers (against bots), in LAN based servers and also on STEAM after configuring-

Note- If this doesnt work, skip step 11 and 12, dont install the cstrike addon, just install the contents of the Full installer into the czero/cstrike folder.


Step 1: Download AMX Mod X from here. You'll most likely want to download the Full Installer as it includes more functionality than the Base install.

Step 2: Double click on the .exe file on your computer to load the AMX Mod X Installer.

Step 3: Choose an empty folder to install AMX Mod X into.

Step 4: At the end of the installation, choose "Run AMX Mod X Installer".

Step 5: Create an empty folder on your computer, and call it whatever you'd like.

Step 6: When it asks you to choose an Install Method, please choose "Select mod directory" which is under "Local Installation".

Step 7: Remember that empty folder that you created in step 5? Please select that folder and then click "OK"

Step 8: A message will popup during the installation saying: "The file "liblist.gam" couldn't be found. Continue installation?" Select "yes" to continue your installation, as the liblist.gam file is not important in this specific situation.

Step 9: Check the folder that you specified that AMX Mod X be installed into. That folder should now have an "addons" folder inside of it.

Step 10: Go into the FTP area of your Counter-Strike 1.6 server, and copy the "addons" folder into your "cstrike" folder, as shown below.

Step 11: Go to the location needed to edit the command line of your server.

Step 12: Add -dll addons/metamod/dlls/metamod.dll to your command line, as shown below.

Step 13: Restart your server. AMX Mod X should now be installed on your server.


Note- If this doesnt work, skip step 11 and 12, dont install the cstrike addon, just install the contents of the Full installer into the czero/cstrike folder and restart the server.


Uninstalling AMX Mod X

Step 1: Stop your server.

Step 2: Go to the location needed to edit the command line of your server.

Step 3: Remove -dll addons/metamod/dlls/metamod.dll from your command line.

Step 4: Go into your FTP area, and from inside the "cstrike" folder, delete the "addons" folder if AMX Mod X is the only mod that you have installed on your server. If it's not, and you have other files in the "addons" folder, then simply go into the "addons" folder and delete the "amxmodx" and "metamod" folders.

Step 5: Start up your server. AMX Mod X should now be uninstalled.

Download the .amxx file and the source (.sma)

1.Paste the .amxx file into the plugins folder.
2.In the configs folder, right-click the plugins.ini and select edit. At the far end of the document (below the third-party section) type [name of plugin].amxx
3.Restart server.

  • If this doesnt work, paste the .sma file into the scripting folder and run compile.exe
  • A new folder 'compiled' will be created; find the .amxx file in the compiled folder and then paste it in the plugins folder.
  • Repeat step 2 and 3 above.

My Plugins-

bullet damage - Shows damage dealt when a bullet hits an opponent.
Click here to download
auto bunny hopper - Hold the jump button to start jumping continuously.
Click here to download
deathmatch mode - Download link here
gungame - Download link here

Note - If deathmatch doesnt work, try downloading an older version.

For example, if you wish to install the bullet_damage.amxx plugin, paste it in the czero/addons/amxmodx/plugins folder or the cstrike/addons/amxmodx/plugins folder and type bullet_damage.amxx in the addons/configs/plugins.ini file. It should look like this -

; AMX Mod X plugins

; Admin Base - Always one has to be activated
admin.amxx ; admin base (required for any admin-related)
;admin_sql.amxx ; admin base - SQL version (comment admin.amxx)

; Basic
admincmd.amxx ; basic admin console commands
adminhelp.amxx ; help command for admin console commands
adminslots.amxx ; slot reservation
multilingual.amxx ; Multi-Lingual management

; Menus
menufront.amxx ; front-end for admin menus
cmdmenu.amxx ; command menu (speech, settings)
plmenu.amxx ; players menu (kick, ban, client cmds.)
;telemenu.amxx ; teleport menu (Fun Module required!)
mapsmenu.amxx ; maps menu (vote, changelevel)
pluginmenu.amxx ; Menus for commands/cvars organized by plugin

; Chat / Messages
adminchat.amxx ; console chat commands
antiflood.amxx ; prevent clients from chat-flooding the server
scrollmsg.amxx ; displays a scrolling message
imessage.amxx ; displays information messages
adminvote.amxx ; vote commands

; Map related
nextmap.amxx ; displays next map in mapcycle
mapchooser.amxx ; allows to vote for next map
timeleft.amxx ; displays time left on map

; Configuration
pausecfg.amxx ; allows to pause and unpause some plugins
statscfg.amxx ; allows to manage stats plugins via menu and commands

; Enable to use AMX Mod plugins
;amxmod_compat.amxx ; AMX Mod backwards compatibility layer

; Custom - Add 3rd party plugins here

If you dont want to use a certain plugin anymore, just add a semicolon(;) before the plugin, so that the line becomes -

If you want to add more plugins, your plugins.ini file should look like this -

; Custom - Add 3rd party plugins here

Hamachi is a software which lets you play online without having to install STEAM. Basically it connects your computer through a VirtualLAN system to various other computers on the networks that you have joined.
Just follow the following easy steps and it will not be as complicated as it sounds.

1.Download Hamachi from here
2.Install Hamachi
3.Run Hamachi and do the tutorial
4.Join an existing network (in this case you will have to know the username and the password of this existing network OR simply create your own network and tell your friends to join.

When your friends login, it will show on your Hamachi main screen.

You can actually play every game that supports a LAN play mode through Hamachi.

Here's how to play Counter-Strike with your friends using Hamachi.

If you want to join your friend's game -
1.Simply right-click on a friend who is online on Hamachi and is also playing Counter-Strike. Then select copy address
2.Launch counter-strike and open the console using the tilde(~) button.
3.Type the following command -
connect(space bar)[paste]
4.Hit 'Enter'

For example if the address that I copied was then I would type -

If you want your friends to join your game -
Start a 'New Game' and tell your friends to follow the steps listed above.